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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Chemitron provide disinfection processes against Covid-19?
Yes, please email or give us a call for your queries.
2. Are the chemicals you use safe for our health?
The chemicals we use are duly approved by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority. These are environment friendly and exhibit minimal toxicity to animals and human beings. Yes, they are safe.
3. What is the duration of the pest control, fumigation or disinfection treatment?
This depends on the total area to be covered. Normally for a house with three bedrooms, this will take approximately two hours.
4. Do we have to leave our house while treatment is on–going?
Not always. This will again depend on the type of service required. We discuss this in detail with the client before work commences.
5. What is the scope of work for General Pest Control or Termite Control Services?
The scope of work varies to a great extent depending on the result of the inspection undertaken or degree of infestation noted in a specific structure as buildings or residential structures, offices, etc.
6. Do you schedule treatments on official or public holidays?
This is a special request that can be accommodated. Please contact our office for such arrangements.
7. What is the effect of pesticides to pets such as dogs, cats or birds?
Since pesticides are toxic, it is best to place all pets in a safe place outside the area being treated for protection against harmul effects of contamination or inhalation of the pesticide.
8. Can thermal fogging be applied when it is raining?
Thermal fogging is best applied when the weather is fair to allow dispersal of the insecticide solution in a wide area not normally reached with the use of conventional sprayers.
9. Is it necessary to cover food & other kitchen equipment during treatment?
Yes, it is very important that all food items & kitchen equipment be properly covered or stored to prevent contamination of the pesticide solution.
10. How often should pest control be applied in a house?
At least once a month to prevent re-infestation of pests.
11. Do you use the same pesticides in each treatment?
No, it is important to change the pesticide at least every two to three months as pests develop immunity if the same pesticides are used for each treatment.
12. Do you give warranty for the services you provide?
Yes, but the warranty varies depending on the type of service rendered.

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