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Chemitron Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) is dedicated to provide the highest service quality in pest control, fumigation and disinfection for our customers. Our friendly and professionally trained technicians ensure that we give the utmost safety, care, priority and value for your service needs. Trusted, reliable with integrity since 1977.

We can help you to...

  • Rid your homes, offices and establishments of nasty pests and infestation!
  • Stop the spread of diseases! Stop COVID-19 viruses through disinfection!
  • Prevent costly repairs and economic losses!
  • Save your valuable properties and investments!
  • Be quality conscious!
  • Save money through good, scientific and professional pest management!
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Pests and Viruses are a constant threat in our normal living conditions. They affect our health and can be a cause of unnecessary stressful anxiety. Once their presence is neglected, they build up to countless numbers that can be tedious to manage and difficult to control. Furthermore, they can cause severe damage to valuable personal belongings and de-value properties.

Chemitron is a company of highly qualified managers, consultants, supervisors and well–trained personnel adept in pest control management, fumigation skills and disinfection know-how!

nopestEconomic & Aesthetic Reasons for Pest Management

Most pests directly compete with human beings in the consumption of products such as rice, corn, flour, and soya. These pests reduce both the quality & quantity of goods, leading to severe losses. Structural damage, emission of foul odor, as well as stains due to their secretions lessen the appeal of products and buildings.

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crossNothing is more important than the safety & health of everyone.

Most pests and animals are carriers of viruses and deseases (like COVID-19), which affect human beings either directly or indirectly. These threats can be rid off through different approaches in treatment & disinfection. Pests can also contaminate goods with harmful bacteria or other organisms.

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